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It is possible for a business to do well by doing good. This site is a celebration of companies and organizations leading the way to make positive changes in the world. Call it corporate social responsibility, cause marketing, social enterprise, or any other name -- because the name's not what’s important. The positive impact is what matters!

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  • Nancy J. Engelhardt, PhD

Zeena's new partnership celebrates the culture and beauty of tatreez embroidery.

with Jamillah Abdullah

I have the coolest students!  One of my current students (thanks, Jamillah!) shared this exiting news from Zeena.  The modest fashion brand established in 2011 in the U.S. is partnering with Darzah, a Fair Trade Certified ethical fashion brand dedicated to improving the lives of refugee and low-income women living in the West Bank. The partnerhsip is a collection of scarves that aims to make a difference in the lives of Palestinian women, while celebrating the quality, culture and beauty of tatreez embroidery.  Read more about it here.



Animal lover, yoga instructor, mentor, compassionate consumer, and marketing professor. In the classroom and outside of it, I try to emphasize the positive impact that marketing (and business in general) can have on society. Through this platform, I hope to share some of my observations and inspiration.

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