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  • Nancy J. Engelhardt, PhD

UNIQLO's Strong Sense of Responsibility

Jung Hsuan (guest blogger)

The juggernaut Japanese fashion retailer UNIQLOnoticed that most customers purchase clothes with breakneck speed but discard the clothes rapidly. Therefore, UNIQLO started the All-Product Recycling Initiative in 2006. Consumers can donate their “old UNIQLO clothing” to any UNIQLO retailer. Wearable items are set aside for reuse, while the rest are recycled as industrial fibers and other items.

This solution is common to see in some fast-fashion brands. More and more brands are being responsible by creating sustainable practices and providing textile recycle waste service in their stores. This initiative helps consumers to understand how donating and recycling is part of being socially and environmentally responsible. 

The campaign changes my thinking of fast fashion. The reuse circle reduces the fabric waste and helps the environment maintain balance and is more sustainable.



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