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  • Writer's pictureNancy J. Engelhardt, PhD

Buy One, Give One Goes to the Dogs

The success of Buy One, Give One companies such as TOMS has paved the way for a new kid on the BOGO block. Project Play, a campaign through iHeartDogs, donates a durable, hard rubber Wunderball to shelters for every purchase of specific toys.  The Wunderball is perfect for large breed dogs that may seem aggressive at the shelter because of their pent-up energy, but these toys let them show that they are playful and ready to find a forever family to take them home.  

Nearly 30,000 toys have been distributed through RescueBank, which is the same organizational partner that delivers the food donations to animal shelters that are raised through every purchase on the website.

Now, this is a campaign that all dog lovers can wag about!

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