It is possible for a business to do well by doing good. This site is a celebration of companies and organizations leading the way to make positive changes in the world. Call it corporate social responsibility, cause marketing, social enterprise, or any other name -- because the name's not what’s important. The positive impact is what matters!

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  • Nancy J. Engelhardt, PhD

Apple Rose Beauty for Freedom Project

I met Kristy last month at the Sarasota VegFest and loved the story of Apple Rose Beauty.  Now, after sampling the line, I love the product, too. The organic skincare line raises awareness and supports organizations that support and rehabilitate human trafficking survivors.  In fact, the company is actually named after two human-trafficking victims. The products leave your skin feeling great, but knowing that 1 bottle purchased provides 1 hour of freedom makes your heart feel good, too.



Animal lover, yoga instructor, mentor, compassionate consumer, and marketing professor. In the classroom and outside of it, I try to emphasize the positive impact that marketing (and business in general) can have on society. Through this platform, I hope to share some of my observations and inspiration.

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