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  • Writer's pictureNancy J. Engelhardt, PhD

Mindful Marketing

Thanks to the multitude of corporate misdeeds, skepticism is the order of the day. But there are many, many bright spots -- companies and organizations working together to make a positive change in the world.  Cause marketing and corporate social responsibility are on the rise as companies are increasingly becoming proudly public about their social citizenship. Cause marketing, simply put, is when companies and organizations join forces to support a cause. You know, buy a pink toaster and support breast cancer research.  That’s oversimplifying the concept, but you get the idea. Sure, it’s not a sure cure for what ails us, and there are many skeptics who will dismiss any good deeds that companies engage in, but it’s a start.  By being aware, let’s say mindful, of the work of these organizations, we become smarter consumers and, hopefully, motivated to support their positive impact.  

Cause marketing is just one way that companies can make a positive impact. This blog highlights the good guys out there and the ways in which they are making a difference.

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