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It is possible for a business to do well by doing good. This site is a celebration of companies and organizations leading the way to make positive changes in the world. Call it corporate social responsibility, cause marketing, social enterprise, or any other name -- because the name's not what’s important. The positive impact is what matters!

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  • Nancy J. Engelhardt, PhD

A store dedicated to good things

Updated: Jan 21

I finally had a chance to visit Goods that Matter while I was recently in New Orleans. This little shop is located off Magazine Street and is filled with gifts and goodies that give back -- what could be better? Goods that Matter is the first Benefit Corporation in Louisiana and has given over $41,357 to their partner causes.

I admit, I had a tough time making a decision, but I did come home with a couple of items that remind me of my trip and, ofcourse, support causes. More about those companies in upcoming posts.



Animal lover, yoga instructor, mentor, compassionate consumer, and marketing professor. In the classroom and outside of it, I try to emphasize the positive impact that marketing (and business in general) can have on society. Through this platform, I hope to share some of my observations and inspiration.

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